Casting process of copper insert

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In casting solution, cast copper inserts and other nonferrous alloy in addition to choose sand casting, but also widely used metal type casting, centrifugal casting, low pressure casting and graphite casting a variety of special casting method.

The metal melting into a liquid and cast into the mold, the cooling condensation, after cleaning the disposal of the book shape, size and function of the casting (parts or blank) of the technical process for casting.

In the copper alloy casting, the selection of metal casting method, in order to speed up the condensation of the alloy, to improve the quality of castings, reduce casting defects, copper mosaic has an important effect. Metal type casting grain refinements (particularly on aluminum bronze and manganese brass), stomatal cuts, progress alloy mechanical function and air tightness (the tin bronze particularly important), in lead bronze leaded high copper content alloy, the choice of metal type casting (and water-cooled metal type), can avoid the segregation of copper composition. Also because of copper alloy castings, cylindrical parts (bearings, bushing) and more, so the choice of centrifugal casting more.

In addition, large cast copper pieces (such as large marine propeller) can also be used in low pressure casting method to improve the density of the alloy, and reduce the casting in the casting process of inclusions. Some copper alloys (such as lead brass) can also be used for pressure casting.